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Plimsoll Line (October 2019)
Singing, dancing and recreation (October 2019)


Labour party policy (October 2019)
The Liberal "Democrats" and Brexit (August 2019)
Baa Baa Maritime Sheep - one week to go (March 2019)
Baa Baa Maritime Sheep - 3 weeks to go (March 2019)
Baa Baa Brexit Sheep - 4 weeks to go (March 2019)
Baa Baa Brexit Sheep - 5 weeks to go (February 2019)
Baa Baa Brexit Sheep - 6 weeks to go (February 2019)
Baa Baa Brexit Sheep - 7 weeks to go (February 2019)
Free rides for boy born on Paris train (June 2018)
The perils of autocorrect (August 2015)
The Labour Party Leadership Election (August 2015)
Getting out of debt (March 2015)
Royal baby names (March 2015)
Better together - the Union flag (September 2014)
Boy wakes from coma speaking Chinese (September 2014)
The Sheffield Half Marathon (April 2014)
Depressed Humboldt penguins (February 2014)
Husband tracked by GPS (January 2014)
The Royal christening (October 2013)
Woman washes bomb in sink ((June 2013)
Swedish busmen wear skirts (June 2013)
Woman follows sat-nav's "scenic route" (June 2013)
Police ban cheese chase (May 2013)
Where are you now Margaret Thatcher? (May 2013)
"PolyPants" hide butt cracks (May 2013)
The "no need for a garden" BBQ is invented (or why my husband hates barbecues) (May 2013)
Lady aged 106 finds true love - at last (May 2013)
Women in underwear run through Basel (May 2013)
WI in fancy dress gaffe (May 2013)
The Royal Wedding (April 2013)
Let's get ready to rHumble (March 2013)
PJ and Duncan (March 2013)
Termination of contract (the Pope resigns) (February 2013)
Every part used (the horse meat scandal) (February 2013)
Richard III (February 2013)


Roman Britain (June 2020)
Britannia's Glory - A Maritime Story (July 2019)
Operation Frankton - "The Cockleshell Heroes" (December 2017)
Operation Chariot - the raid on St Nazaire (March 2017)
Grace Darling (February 2017)
Coastal Erosion (2 parts) (August 2015)
The mystery of Mary Celeste 1872 (February 2015)
The Boston Tea Party 1773 (December 2014)
Mutiny on the Bounty 1789 (2 parts) (August 2014)
The Spanish Armada 1588 (4 parts) (April 2014)
Christmas Truce 1914 (December 2013)
Life on the Home Front (7 parts) (July/August 2013)
Henry VIII and his six wives (7 parts) (July 2013)
The Anglo-Saxons, Celts and Vikings, Alfred the Great and King Canute (9 parts) (May 2013)
The Great Fire of London (4 parts) (May 2013)
Roman Britain (April 2013)
King Stephen (1135-1154) (April 2013)
King Henry I (1100-1135) (April 2013)
King William II (1087-1100) (April 2013)
The Battle of Hastings (5 parts) (April 2013)
The Wars of the Roses (5 parts) (March 2013)


Struggling to get my trousers on (June 2020)
Smart Shop at Sainsbury's (June 2020)
Shopping at Tesco (June 2020)
Signing up to Tesco Clubcard Plus (February 2020)
Potty training (August 2018)
Ode to Shelagh (March 2018)
Guest blog (December 2017)
Waiting (May 2017)
R I P Billy (May 2017)
Anyone know what this kitchen appliance does? (March 2017)
Cleaning glass decanters (December 2016)
In Mexico (November 2015)
Emergency purchase (September 2015)
Ella the Mermaid (August 2015)
Happy Birthday to our leek (June 2015)
Sort of swimming with dolphins (June 2015)
Billy the ghost sniffer dog (June 2015)
I've had it with Orange email (May 2015)
Ella and Freddie's day out at the zoo (April 2015)
More problems with Orange (March 2015)
Orange email problems (February 2015)
Response to "Dental implants" (November 2014)
Dental implants (November 2014)
A peaceful hotel in Lisbon (October 2014)
Stephanie's Hen Party (June 2014)
After Dinner Speech (June 2014)
Maggot racing (May 2014)
Tattoos (May 2014)
Ella and Freddie's bus trip (March 2014)
Gregory's Girl (February 2014)
Cuban Hotels (January 2014)
Health & Safety (January 2014)
The day after Christmas (December 2013)
The night before Christmas (December 2013)
Santa cams (December 2013)
Getting into Cuba (November 2013)
R I P Sweep (November 2013)
Ben the hamster (September 2013)
Price comparison websites (September 2013)
Vistaprint update (August 2013)
Vistaprint - a cautionary tale (August 2013)
Ella asks THAT question (June 2013)
Mr & Mrs Flosser (June 2013)
The world of Freddie Two (June 2013)
A true story from the other end of the age spectrum (experiments with natural viagra) (May 2013)
Another true "facts of life" tale (May 2013)
The world of Freddie (May 2013)
When the tooth fairy didn't come (March 2013)
Ode to Nigel - the true story of a goldfish (February 2013)
The facts of life - a true story (February 2013)


Logging in to Amazon (March 2018)
My (now) insomniac computer (February 2017)
My not so clever computer (again) (December 2016)
My not so clever computer (September 2016)
Not computing (again) (November 2013)
Hello World  update (with flags showing the location of viewers to date) (October 2013)
My laptop is trying to tell me something (September 2013)
My computer (September 2013)
Where are you Russia and Romania? (May 2013)
A bit more of the world is coloured green (April 2013)
Baa Baa Author Sheep (April 2013)
Is there anybody out there? (February 2013)
Computer security (February 2013)
Maybe tweeting... (January 2013)


Coping with lockdown (May 2020)
Teaching vowels and split digraphs (May 2020)
Teaching phonics (April 2020)
Getting a refund from Ryanair (March 2020)
Handwashing (March 2020)
A strange response to coronavirus (March 2020)
Twinkle twinkle (March 2020)
I think I'll come back as a tortoise (February 2019)
The trials of becoming a mother (August 2018)
Cadbury's creme eggs (March 2018)
Breast feeding problems (October 2017)
Facial hair removal (again) (July 2017)
NatWest (yet again) (June 2017)
Facial waxing (March 2017)
Natural childbirth (January 2017)
Unwell (January 2017)
The Perils of On-line Surveys (October 2015)
NatWest again (August 2015)
The weather's never right for Brits (July 2015)
Easter (April 2015)
Cold calls (August 2014)
Pretentious menus (July 2014)
The Sport of Kings (May 2014)
Hair dye (May 2014)
Cadbury's creme eggs (April 2014)    
More "helpful banking" (March 2014)
Dunking (March 2014)
Stillborn (February 2014)
Pronunciation: the north/south divide (February 2014)
Christine & Jim (January 2014)                                                                        
Holiday Surveys (January 2014)
Writing Christmas cards (December 2013)
Suede dye (November 2013)
The Duchess of Cambridge's hats (October 2013)
Trying to leave the AA (September 2013)                                                      
Pot Noodles (September 2013)
The "Slow Fix" diet (August 2013)
Eating for two (July 2013)
Ode to a cupcake (July 2013)
The year in verse - July to December (June 2013)
The year in verse - January to June (June 2013)                                                  
Helpful banking? Postscript (June 2013)
Helpful banking? June 2013 (June 2013)
Helpful banking? March 2013 (June 2013)
Helpful banking? November 2011 (June 2013)
Cats in the garden (May 2013)
On being British (February 2013)                  
Multi-tasking (February 2013)
40% could save up to £340 (February 2013)
On becoming decrepit (February 2013)
Why I hate showers (February 2013)             


Cows, hens, sheep and pigs (January 2017)
Baa Baa Gold Sheep (March 2014)
Rapunzel (2 parts) (March 2014)                                                                                
The Ginger Bear (3 parts) (January 2014)
Baa Baa Grey Sheep (December 2013)
Baa Baa Punk Sheep (August 2013)
Nursery rhyme (August 2013)
What can have happened to Tiddles? (May 2013)
The hen and the tortoise (April 2013)


A poem for football addicks (2014-2015 season) (August 2014)                        
A poem for football addicks (updated team nicknames 2013-2014 season) (February 2014)
Crewe Alexandra win Johnstone's Paint Trophy (April 2013)
A poem for football addicks (team nicknames 2012-2013 season) (March 2013)


Nouns, adjectives and verbs (February 2016)
The alphabet backwards (February 2014)                                                              
What is that German doing? (February 2014)
New country (December 2013)
New Christmas song (November 2013)
"Pride and Predjudice" unresolved (October 2013)
Seven ways to pronounce "ough" in English (August 2013)
If you ever struggle with how to say some of these common words, learn this verse!
Would you like to read "The Wish Gift" (July 2013)
A letter from Sir Elton John (June 2013)
The Shipwrecked Mariners' Society (June 2013)
"Well behaved children welcome, the rest..." (May 2013)
Happy 40th Birthday (April 2013)
Letter of complaint (April 2013)
Baa Baa Maroon Sheep (April 2013)
Competition results (April 2013)
A form of words for dumping somebody (April 2013)
Enquiry (April 2013)
Hello World (April 2013)
February 14th (February 2013)