Tuesday 16 July 2013

Ode to a cupcake

(Welcome to new viewers in Saudi Arabia, Serbia and Singapore. We'll be adding your flags to "Hello World". These three countries all begin with an 'S'. It's time someone in Sweden joined us please!)

Oh jewel of confectioner's art,
You truly have captured my heart.
The darkest of moods you can cure,
With your heavenly sticky allure.

And all I can think of when shopping,
Is your luscious swirled butter cream topping:
The prospect of which one to choose,
Can't compete with new handbags or shoes.

Overwhelmed by such fanciful flights,
I am drawn to your varied delights.
You entice, and are full of surprises
In all your delicious disguises.

Inside, who knows what I might meet?
Though it's sure to be gooey and sweet.
I love you. You're perfect...divine,
And the best thing of all is you're MINE!

With the sight of you, there on the plate,
It is certain my taste buds won't wait.
You've enchanted me, body and soul;
Am at risk of consuming you whole.

Then, at last comes the moment to linger,
As I lick that last crumb off my finger.

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