Monday 8 July 2013

Henry VIII and his six wives - Catherine Howard

Catherine Howard
Next Henry eyed a bit of skirt,
Young and fair and quite the flirt.
Catherine Howard won his heart
But wasn't really all that smart.

Because of all the food he ate,
Our king, by now, had put on weight.
His once-great strength was quickly losing,
Legs all swollen, painful, oozing.

Wife number five, his brand new queen,
Was quite repulsed, "He's fat, obscene!"
Younger men were her delight
(We've said she wasn't all that bright:
If. on the king, you're going to cheat,
Henry VIII
You really can't be too discreet.)
And thus she faced the fate all dreaded,
Despite her pleading, doomed...beheaded........

Catherine Howard  Born 1520/1521 (possibly 1524)
Married Henry 28th July 1540
Died 16th July 1542 (executed)

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