Saturday 20 July 2013

Eating for two

Do I deserve a bun or cake?
What difference would a small one make?
The midwife said to lose some weight,
Be very careful what I ate,
At mealtimes, must be very firm
To reach my target, by full term.

And, heaven knows, I've really tried,
But salad's boring - even fried.
If fatty foods are so pernicious,
Please tell me why they taste delicious.
And choc'late, if I'm not mistaken,
Is on the list "to be forsaken".

My trip in here was quite unplanned,
But in a cafe now I stand.
I will be good. I will be strong,
Forgo the things I know are wrong.
So, "Just a tea for me, and maybe
That vanilla slice - for baby."

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