Tuesday 2 July 2013

Henry VIII and his six wives - Katherine of Aragon

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Prince Arthur (died 1502)
Henry was a handsome king,
He liked to dance, he liked to sing,
He liked to read, he liked his sport,
But ate and drank more than he ought.

For reasons more than love or kicks,
He married not one wife but six!
(Henry, sometimes know as "Hal"
Would always note a pretty gal
And, as befits a man of action,
Allowed himself the odd distraction.)

Kath'rine, his first royal bride,
Had wed before, but hubby died.
And that first husband was none other
Than Arthur, Henry's older brother.

Henry VIII

(Hal wasn't born to be the heir:
As second son, he'd been the "spare",
On how to rule had never sweated;
With Mum had stayed, adored and petted.)

Our Henry and his Spanish wife
To start with lived a happy life,
But Henry wanted just one thing:
A son to follow him as king.

He hoped and prayed but knew no joy,
Their child a girl and not a boy.
(That princess turned out really scary:
Katherine of Aragon
Mary Tudor
Was later known as "Blood Mary")

He thought, "My marriage is a sin!"
Then fell in love with Anne Boleyn...

Katherine of Aragon
Born 16th December 1485
Married Henry 1509
Marriage annulled 1533
Died 7th January 1536 (?cancer)

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