Tuesday 9 July 2013

Henry VIII and his six wives - Katherine Parr

His former energies abated
And, thinking passion overrated,
Hall knows exactly what is sought,
A more mature type at his court,
A woman who'll do as he bids,
Who'll dress his sores, who's good with kids.

He didn't need to look that far,
And wed the widow, Katherine Parr.
She played her part, she nursed, she tended,
Henry's offspring loved, befriended.
But proved more than a homely sort
And had her enemies at court,

Despite her dodgy new faith leaning,
Kate was rather good at queening.
When things got tight, she fudged and bluffed it:
Had kept her head, when Henry snuffed it.

Katherine Parr   Born 1508 or 1512 or 1520
                            Married Henry 1543
                            Died 5th September 1548 (post childbirth fever)

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