Saturday 28 March 2015

Getting out of debt

Spend more than your income and you'll surely end up broke.
The effort to get solvent is a very heavy yoke.

If you borrow what you can't repay, you're on a downwards spiral,
And the only real solution is a lot of self-denial.

Anyone who's been there knows you really feel the pinch,
But you have to keep on going, though it may be inch by inch.

Buying what you can't afford will only make things worse,
When you owe a lot of money, and there's nothing in your purse.

You practise your economies. You lie awake at night.
The tunnel may seem very dark, but at the end there's light.

In time you reach the sunshine (that assumes you've kept on track).
Then you know the pain was worth it: there's no way you would go back.

This applies to individuals, and also to a nation.
But Labour landed Britain with this self-same situation.

Our debt was quite enormous just a government ago.
"Did you spend too much?" the question. And Ed Miliband said, "No"! 

Thursday 19 March 2015

Royal baby names

As you probably knew:
A royal baby is due,
A prince or princess we're getting.
But which will it be?
We must just wait and see.
Until then, there's a flurry of betting.

On events that are major,
We all like a wager:
Will the infant be fair, dark - or bald?
And the odds can be checked,
On returns to expect
If you've guessed what the child will be called.

Elizabeth? Mary?
The bookies are wary:
What you'd win for such choices not great.
Ditto Arthur or James,
Both historical names,
And forget about Charlotte or Kate.

You could win sums with zeros,
For Great British heroes:
Horatio, Winston and co.
Of our small island nation,
Both proved the salvation.
One died half a century ago.

To remember Wills' mum,
Sounds appealing to some,
As a tribute that's fitting in manner,
To bestow such a label,
He may not feel able,
And choose Frances, instead of Diana.

If you want to be savvy,
Steer clear of the chavvy:
Though you'd get decent odds, think again.
And I don't rate too highly
The chances of Kylie,
Nor of Tiffany, Royston and Shane.

All the lists are omitting
A name that's quite fitting
Why it's not there just serves to bewilder.
The girl should have been
Our country's first queen...
Which is why I'll be backing Matilda.

Sunday 15 March 2015

More problems with Orange

Once more my spirit droops,
As I see the message "oops"
And wonder at this Sunday morning sport.
Things clearly are not right:
There's an "issue" with their site,
Which accessing my emails serves to thwart.

A message I'm awaiting
So this really is frustrating,
The replies I need to write are incomplete.
Orange needs to sort it out -
Of that there is no doubt -
Or else I shall be voting with my feet.