Friday 22 May 2015

I've had it with Orange email

The address I had been using
For a dozen years or more,
Was sadly now "not valid"
Like it used to be before.

I'd had enough of Orange
And did not know what to do...
Tried ringing several numbers...
Kept on hold and not put through...

Heard the same old wretched "music"
As my ear stuck to the phone...
So I joined a helpful chat room,
And no longer felt alone.

"What's going on?" folk queried -
Without doubt a valid question -
Then "try this" a kind chap posted,
And it proved a good suggestion.

I hung on for just ten minutes...
A real person DID respond,
He understood the problem,
And he waved some magic wand.

He said he'd changed my password,
(But not by very much).
The new one seemed to function,
And I now was back in touch.

But I wouldn't stay with Orange...
Had suffered for too long...
I would switch and write to everyone...
How could this scheme go wrong?

I would work through all addresses:
The task would be a breeze,
But my "Contacts list" then vanished,
And I'd only reached the Cs.