Tuesday 23 July 2013

Life on the Home Front - Part Two

Mothers did their best,
There were recipes to test.
The variety was really quite incredible,
Like the goose-less "mock goose" dish,
Or the fishcakes (with no fish),
A lot were very probably inedible.

"Snook piquante" - this suggestion,
Guaranteeing indigestion -
By using cans of pike could be produced.
This fish didn't go down well,
Resolutely failed to sell,
And was later sold as cat food, price reduced.

That fine nutritious treat -
The "Woolton Pie" - lacked meat,
(Upon their tins of "spam" cooks would rely).
Spuds were "good for you" ... or not,
"Don't eat many" ... "Eat a lot".
The message changed depending on supply.

"Cat's eyes" Cunningham, a flyer,
Eating carrots would inspire:
It was said they helped his vision in the dark.
(This wasn't strictly true,
For the secret no one knew
Was that radar helped this hero hit his mark).

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