Thursday 4 July 2013

Henry VIII and his six wives - Anne Boleyn

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Anne Boleyn
As for divorce, well not much hope,
Except if granted by the Pope
Who played for time, while Henry waited
Getting more and more frustrated,
Not knowing what he could do next,
(He couldn't email, phone or text).

At last, he said, "Enough's enough.
I'll break with Rome! I'll call his bluff!
The man's a joke. The man's a tease.
I'll do exactly as I please.
In this my kingdom, this my realm,
The monarch shall be at the helm.
The English church will be my onus,
Its riches, though, an added bonus.
Young Elizabeth
His ageing spouse was then dispatched
And Hal was free to get re-matched.
Dear Anne, he did himself convince,
Would certainly produce a prince.
So many gowns and jewels he bought her,
But baby was another daughter.
(Elizabeth, it will be seen,
Became fair England's greatest queen.)

"Another wretched female child,"
Cried Henry, "I have been beguiled."
Wife number two he sought to ditch,
"She's been untrue. She is a witch,
I'm tired of her. I'm getting bored."
They cut her head off with a sword.
(She'd been accused of trumped-up crimes:
That's how it used to work sometimes.)...

Anne Boleyn - date of birth not known (most sources give either 1501 or 1507)
Married Henry 25th January 1533
Died 19th May 1536 (executed)

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