Sunday 28 July 2013

Life on the Home Front - Part Four

All throughout the land,
Using private cars was banned -
On unneccessary journeys no embarking -
So folk lost one more pleasure:
The trip made just for leisure,
But at least were spared the hassles over parking.

Every housewife's sewing box
Had the means of darning socks;
Woe betide the ones who didn't have such skills.
Outfits all were very neat,
Without gather, without pleat,
They lacked pockets, they lacked turn-ups, they lacked frills.

For shirts new life was earned
With their cuffs and collars turned,
The motto of the time "make do and mend".
With clothes and fabric rationed,
From curtains, skirts were fashioned.
In the absence of new stockings, they'd pretend.

In lieu of silken hose
Now the modern woman shows
A pair of legs with gravy browning painted.
This proved - perhaps no surprise -
Irresitable to flies -
And with swarms of insects soon she'd be acquainted...

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