Friday 5 July 2013

Henry VIII and his six wives - Anne of Cleves

Anne of Cleves
England, as oft-times before
Was threatened by impending war.
To make an ally double-quick,
Should Henry seek a foreign chick?

His men searched Europe for a mate,
And found one in a German state.
Hal did not meet her 'ere they wed:
A portrait had to do instead.

Her ugliness caused much despair,
He called his wife "The Flanders Mare",
And this resemblance to a horse
Led to the Anne of Cleves divorce,
To which she readily agreed
And proved herself a friend indeed:
He called his ex beloved sister,
If she had gone, he would have missed her,
And therefore Anne in England stayed
For many years. She died a maid.

Anne of Cleves - born 1515
Married Henry 6th January 1540
Divorced July 1540
Died 16th July 1557 (cause not known)

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