Monday 29 July 2013

Life on the Home Front - Part Five

Every adult, lad, and lass
Had a mask, to filter gas,
Lest some noxious airborne substance be dispersed.
"Always carry it" the rule,
To the workplace, or to school.
In its usage, children often were rehearsed.

Masks were rubber, hot and thick,
And made some folk feel quite sick,
The hoods had goggles covering the eyes.
(If they'd been around today,
They'd enable kids to play
At "Darth Vader", in their very own disguise!)

The war we'd surely win,
If everyone mucked in,
So most were very keen to do their "bit".
But what were the open courses,
For those not in the forces,
(Too old, too young, flat-footed, or unfit)?

Some men, thus debarred,
Joined "Dad's Army" (or Home Guard),
If they lived in places on or near the sea.
They would drill and they'd parade,
Lest the Germans should invade:
A first defence to keep these islands fee.

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