Friday 7 March 2014

Rapunzel - Part One

A man and his wife
Are completely beguiled
By the thought that, one day,
They would have their own child.

The months turn to years,
And a long time has passed,
Then the wife gives the news,
"I am pregnant at last!"

They live in a cottage,
A garden's nearby,
Surrounded by walls
Which are sturdy and high.

It belongs to a woman
The locals find scary.
They keep well away,
And are right to be wary.

The enchantress grows flowers,
And the wife has a craving.
"Get me some rampion now!"
She is raving.
"I'll die for the want of it!"
Plaintive her voice.
The husband decides
That he has little choice.

He braves the high wall
And he takes what he needs.
Wife gobbles it up.
"I want more," she then pleads.

Her husband's a man
Who's both stupid and plucky.
But this time he's caught
By Dame Gothel - not lucky.

"How dare you!" she's saying,
"You trespass and steal!
But I am prepared now
To offer a deal.
Have the leaves that you want,"
She continues with scorn,
"But I'll take your child
Just as soon as it's born."

The man, he is quaking
And down on his knees.
He's afraid for his life
And he therefore agrees.

A daughter is born,
But that very same day,
The enchantress turns up
And she whisks her away.

Just to prove that Dame Gothel's
A silly old bag,
The child's named Rapunzel,
An odd sort of tag.

When she's twelve, she's locked up
And spends hour after hour
Alone in a forest
High up in a tower
With no entrance or stairs,
So she cannot get out.
(How she ever got up there
Remains much in doubt.)

The nasty Dame Gothel,
Who grows ever madder,
Pays visits - but doesn't
Invest in a ladder.
She climbs up the hair
On her prisoner's head.
(Rapunzel complies,
Or she wouldn't get fed).

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel,"
The crone cries with glee,
"I want to come up.
Let your hair down to me."

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