Sunday 2 March 2014

Ella and Freddie's bus trip

The schools were on holiday. We had the kids.
They have energy, thus need diversion.
A bus trip, we thought, was a lovely idea
So we planned out a little excursion.

They'd already had breakfast, which wasn't enough:
We decided to feed them another.
Then we packed up a bag with the things that we'd need,
For Ella, and Freddie her brother.

The bus came and both of them raced up the stairs -
Our adventure had truly begun.
We all sat at the back for a couple of stops
With Fred shouting out, "This is fun!"

He decided to try out alternative seats,
(With the vehicle lurching, not prudent).
More people got on. We explained who they were,
Which caused Ella to ask, "What's a student?"

Now youngsters have very loud voices which carry,
A sad but immutable fact.
Fellow-passengers proved of great interest -
And children aren't noted for tact.

We barely had travelled a fifth of the way,
Neither child would sit still in their seat,
When, as one, they declared themselves hungry.
"Is there anything nice please to eat?"

We got out the picnic - and bottle of juice,
Which we hoped they'd be happy to share.
Freddie heartily swigged, but there soon was a cry:
"He's drinking it all. That's not fair!"

After what seemed like hours, we arrived at our stop.
The kids sensed that freedom now beckoned.
They charged into the crowds - for the place was quite packed -
Which was something on which we'd not reckoned.

So we gave them some coins, (as a "Poundland" we'd seen),
And they each chose a toy from the rack.
Then we made for the exit as fast as we could,
And got on a tram heading back.

There was nowhere to sit, but Fred played with his truck -
"Broom-brooming" in everyone's way.
Ella's Barbie-type doll started falling apart,
Nylon hair all in wild disarray.

We got off at the station with buggy and bags,
And now limbless dolly as well.
A taxi returned us from whence we had come.
Thus ended the outing from hell.

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