Monday 10 March 2014

Rapunzel - (Final) Part Two

Then one day, (as always),
A prince comes along.
He hears the poor girl
Who is singing a song.
It's a beautiful sound
And he wants to know more.
But he cannot get in,
As there isn't a door.

He returns oft to listen,
Enchanted no doubt.
Then sees the routine
And the secret is out.
He calls to Rapunzel,
Who lets down her locks.
He is thrilled when they meet,
From his crown to his socks.

She is gorgeous, a stunner,
Her looks are ethereal.
He decides straightaway
That she's princess material.
He asks, "Will you marry me?"
She says, guess what?
But she needs to escape:
They devise a neat plot.

He will bring her some silk,
And a ladder she'll weave,
But before she completes it,
Well would you believe
The enchantress discovers
The devious plan,
And is seeking to thwart it
However she can.

The prince can't prevail:
All this has to be stopped.
Those lovely gold tresses
Are instantly lopped.
The girl is cast out -
To the desert she's taken.
She must fend for herself,
Is entirely forsaken.

The long length of hair
To the window's been tied.
Our prince now ascends
But does not see his bride.
He instead meets Dame Gothel,
The awful truth dawns,
He's thrown out of the window
And into some thorns.

These prick both his eyes.
The result is, he's blind.
He has only one quest,
That's his true love to find.

(But the hair that he'd clutched
Came away when he landed.
It's a kind of revenge,
For Dame Gothel is stranded.)

Our prince stumbles around
As he can't see a thing,
Till the magical day
When he hears a girl sing.

He knows that clear voice!
It's the girl he adored.
She weeps tears of joy
And his sight is restored.

With his love reunited,
A new life begins.
He also finds out
He's the father of twins!

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