Friday 28 February 2014

The alphabet backwards

Welcome to our new viewers from Macau. Your flag has been added to the "Hello World" post of April 2013.

When I was a very small person,
Great Grandma was old, but alive.
(She was then very nearly a hundred,
And I was a long way off five.)

We visited her fairly often,
Whenever we travelled up north.
She recited the alphabet backwards,
As she rocked in her chair back and forth.

"ZYX..." and the rest she repeated.
"ABC..." I'd not learnt, but instead
I heard the reverse way so often,
That it solidly stuck in my head.

This, for many a year, has caused problems:
I must think very hard to this day.
I struggle to get the right order
In the region of "H K I J"!

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