Sunday 16 February 2014


We wanted you with us.
We wanted to know
The person you'd be,
Into whom you would grow.

But there'll be no first smile,
No first step, no first word,
These milestones imagined,
Unseen or unheard.

No sleep-deprived nights
That we all might have shared,
No chances to demonstrate
How much we cared.

No applauding your triumphs,
No wiping your tears,
No helping you learn,
No allaying your fears.

No annual party...
Our child's happy face,
Just a date when you left us
For some other place.

You are loved. You are precious,
Are cherished and yet,
We bade you goodbye
On the day we first met.

You were dreams. You were hopes
Time can never fulfil.
Though our arms cannot hold you,
Our hearts always will.

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