Friday 21 February 2014

Gregory's Girl

One's "first" is always special,
It's something girls remember,
And so it was with Greg and I.
We hooked up one November.

Good looking, slightly scruffy,
He set my heart alight.
I adored him from the outset,
It was true love at first sight.

This was in the sixties.
All was "fab" and "in the groove".
Mum assessed him as 'reliable'.
And did not disapprove.

I was young and inexperienced;
You might say quite naive.
I thought he'd never let me down,
A mad thing to believe.

He needed more attention.
He needed much more care.
I denied him these essentials:
Things were soon beyond repair.

He'd been my staunch companion.
We'd travelled near and far.
Then his engine over-heated,
And I cursed the wretched car.

My first car was a green and black Austin A40, whom I called 'Gregory' because of his "PEX" number plate.

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