Tuesday 4 February 2014

What is that German doing?

There's somebody living in Germany,
Who looks at this page once a week
In the very small hours on a Sunday,
When the stats show a rather big peak.

Either that, or large numbers in Deutschland,
All decide they will visit this spot.
I haven't a clue what might prompt this,
An so ever-thickens the plot.

Is it something they're watching on telly,
That suddenly causes the urge
To research or to browse on computers,
And thus cause my figures to surge?

By the time I am happily blogging,
There's no snapshot of what they are doing.
The stats have moved on, so I wonder:
What it is my German's been viewing?

One of these Sundays I'll catch them,
If it means I must sit up all night.
But I'm tired and am feeling quite sleepy,
So it's time now to switch off the light...

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