Tuesday 28 January 2014

The Ginger Bear - (Final) Part Three

Next she went to the store that sold wool by the packet.
She had it in mind to make teddy a jacket,
And perhaps a hat too.

But what colour to choose? Something dark? Something light?
The green was too dull and the orange too bright.
She bought navy blue.

Then she went home and knitted and wondered who'd come
A girl or a boy? With a Dad or a Mum?
She'd just have to see.

She put on some lipstick and tidied the place,
And baked lots of cakes for whomever, in case
They stayed for some tea.

She waited and waited for two weeks or more,
Each day was expecting a knock at the door,
But nobody came.

"Well, teddy," she said, "no one's coming, that's clear.
We've become such good friends, you can have a home here.
We must give you a name."

"Now what shall it be? Are you Ella? Or Freddie?
I had no experience naming a teddy,
When I was a child."

"But my fish was called "Goldie"... my white dog was "Snow"...
My brown cat was "Brownie". You're ginger and so..."
And The Ginger Bear smiled.

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