Friday 17 January 2014

Husband tracked by GPS

Welcome to our new viewer from Slovakia. Your flag has been added to the "Hello World" blog of April 2013.

"I'm leaving here.I'm leaving this -
A GPS device.
My awful wife's been tracking me,
Which isn't very nice.

You're welcome to the gizmo,
Please take it far away."
Let's hope this harassed husband has
Found somewhere safe to stay.

The sorry spouse must surely
Have been feeling at low ebb.
His note, left at a roadside,
Has gone viral on the web.

There've been a few suggestions,
"Why not tie it to a cat?
She'll note you're prowling alleyways
And wonder where you're at."

"Leave it in a strip club, or a gay bar -
Then your wife
Will get screwed up by thinking
That you lead a double life."

"Stick it to a lorry."
"Throw it in the sea."
And one bloke said, "No thanks.The crazy cow
Might follow me!"

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