Wednesday 1 January 2014

Health & Safety

Happy New Year to everyone (now from 69 countries) who has viewed the Baa Baa Pink Sheep blogspot. Thank you.

In our house, we have very high ceilings,
So have ladders - tall, sturdy and stable.
When a light failed, we went off to fetch them,
And replacing the bulb thus enable.

When this didn't work, rang tame sparky.
"There's a bit of a problem here, Walt."
He agreed to come round soon to sort it.
Said, "I guess the transformer's at fault."

Our ladders were still in position.
We thought they would suit Walt just fine.
"Health and safety," he shook his head sadly,
"The rules say I have to use mine."

His seemed quite fragile and shaky.
They stood barely five feet from the floor.
To reach up, he'd struggle and wobble,
But, as Walt said, "The law is the law.

I've brought you a brand new transformer,"
(He was struggling to open the packet),
"But first I must make myself ready,"
Then he shrugged on a bright yellow jacket.

Said garment was ever so bulky,
Not designed to facilitate movement,
But visible, yes - so fluorescent.
Another great safety improvement.

"Now I must find my hard hat and goggles."
He proceded to put these things on.
"The goggles steam up when I'm working.
Now then, where have my special shoes gone?"

His boots were of leather with toe caps.
Said Walt, "They're a nice piece of kit.
Falling fuse wire can be quite a hazard.
It's a shame they're too big and don't fit."

At last, he declared himself ready,
Resplendent in all his fine gear.
Couldn't see, couldn't move, couldn't function,
But was risk-free, with nothing to fear.

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  1. Thanks Stella. I do agree that visibility is important but Hi viz jackets not really needed in a front room in broad daylight. All the gear really impeded our electrician and the regulations made a simple job look very dangerous to me.