Tuesday 28 January 2014

The Ginger Bear - Part Two

She was brushing his fur when she had an idea,
And suddenly everything seemed very clear.
She finished her task.

"Come with me," she invited, and took his brown paw,
"I expect you were thrown by the children next door.
We'll go and we'll ask."

But "No," said the neighbour, "they have lots of bears,
And this is most certainly not one of theirs."
It started to rain.

Mrs Delaney walked into the street.
She looked up at the clouds. She looked down at her feet,
And was thinking again.

"We must place an advert, whatever the cost.
If a teddy's been found, then it must have been lost.
That makes good sense."

She wrote out a card without further delay,
Which she took to the shop for the advert display.
She paid sixty pence.

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