Sunday 26 January 2014

The Ginger Bear - Part One

Mrs Delaney peered out at the dawn,                               
And there in the garden, all slumped and forlorn,
Lay what looked like a teddy.

She untied her apron with no time to lose.
She took off her slippers and put on her shoes,
And at last she was ready.

Outside, by the roses, she blinked once or twice.
Yes! A teddy it was, and he seemed rather nice.
But why was he there?

She picked him up gently, her mind in a muddle.
She stroked his damp head and she gave him a cuddle,
And said, "Hello bear."

"Now you cannot have walked here, that's simply absurd!
Were you brought by a fox? Were you dropped by a bird?
Some time in the night?"

The teddy was ginger and not very old.
He'd been on wet grass. He looked sad. He felt cold.
And that just wasn't right.

"You need a hot bath, you're decidedly grubby.
And maybe some breakfast, although you're quite tubby."
They went back inside.

Mrs Delaney looked down at her guest.
She was worried about what to do for the best,
Now that teddy had dried.

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