Sunday 12 January 2014

Holiday Surveys

Your holiday's over,
You take to the skies,
Now it's "Fill in this form
And you might win a prize.

Your feedback's important
Re: where have you been.
What was the food like?
Your room - was it clean?

Your answers inform us
Of where we go wrong,
So please get your pens out:
This won't take you long."

The process, however,
Is not all that quick.
There are pages and pages
Of boxes to tick.

And then you reach "lifestyle":
Things start to get tough.
Your hobbies, your income,
And similar stuff.

Is your mobile on contract?
Or pay-as-you go?
Have you sorted your pension?
They now need to know.

Charities - which ones
You'd like to support.
The TV you watch,
And the papers you've bought.

Improving your holiday?
Don't have a clue
How it helps to know when
My insurance is due!

(and, incidentally, what is a "flight only" holiday?)

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