Friday, 18 September 2020

Ryanair (again)

We should've gone to Germany, At the start of last July, But restrictions placed on travel meant We sadly couldn't fly. Our booking was thus cancelled. This happened in mid-May. I applied to get our money back, And did this straight away. My request, of course, brought no result, Seemed wholly disregarded. With emails sent by Ryanair, Am suddenly bombarded. "Here's a voucher for some future flight. We've plenty. Take a look. You can redeem it instantly. We urge you to re-book. We have a backlog of requests So processing's delayed..." (In short, you will be lucky If you ever get repaid.) I know we aren't the only ones Who feel aggrieved and bitter. There are thousands out there moaning, As evidenced on Twitter. Of these very many others With such issues unresolved, Some have taken drastic action And got their banks involved. Or have claimed via their insurers, Or are legally assisted. It's runoured that, by Ryanair, Such folk are now black-listed. I've just had another email. It's about my "recent" claim. It's urging "use your voucher" So the message is the same... ..."but should you want your cash instead, 'Click here'is what you do. I complied and my request it seems, Is now "placed in a queue."

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