Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Coronavirus - the police ARE on the case

The virus came upon us. The scenario looked grave. And so we faced restrictions As to how we should behave. But some chose to ignore them, Their stance one of defiance. And the police did very little, In the face of non-compliance. Where were the disincentives For "to hell with safety first"? Was anybody challenged? Were mass gatherings dispersed? Maybe law enforcement Found it difficult to cope, But, last Saturday, I heard some news Which gives a ray of hope. Two people walked along the road, Both wearing fancy dress. One looked like a wicked witch, The other, a princess. Was this pair about to break the rules? They clearly looked suspicious. "Are you going to a party?" Asked a policeman, all officious. "We're not," replied the five year old, "I hope we're not in trouble. We're going to our Granny's And we're in her social bubble."

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