Saturday 3 August 2013

Life on the Home Front - (Final) Part Seven

Welcome to new viewers in Poland and Barbados.

Donate a pan or kettle:
Building tanks and planes needs metal,
And for failing to recycle, no excuse.
Piles of scrap in each locale,
May have helped to boost morale,
But a lot of it was never put to use.

Our cities weren't safe places,
Compared to open spaces,
For children, there was no real need to stay.
From crowded central stations,
They reached new destinations,
Thousands upon thousands sent away.

Living with a stranger
(Albeit out of danger),
Was not the same as being home with Mum.
Many, until now,
Had never seen a cow:
A very weird experience for some.

Churchill led the nation,
What he said, an inspiration.
He assured the population they'd win through...
That the Brits could never fail...
Would eventually prevail...
Which in the end was proven to be true.

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