Saturday 10 August 2013

The "Slow Fix" diet

Edam cheese - 25% fewer calories than. . .
It seems that, if we're dieting,
There is no Holy Grail:
The promise of a quick result
Is guaranteed to fail.

By nature, we're impatient.
We want results - and fast,
But the sudden loss of half a stone
Is something that won't last.

Our body thinks, "I'm starving:
Fat storage cells - make more!"
And thus we end up heavier
Than how we were before.
But take things nice and slowly,
Lose an ounce or two each day,
And we'll get to where we want to be,
And that's how things will stay.

A hundred fewer calories
Than what we're really needing,
Can be achieved quite painlessly,
Without defeat conceding.

Quavers - 80 fewer calories per bag than. . .
The "slightly less" approach to food,
Is logically a winner.
Our bodies draw on fuel reserves:
We gradually get thinner.

Ditch Cheddar cheese for Edam -
There is so much scope for swapping.
Just buy the low-cal versions
When we do our weekly shopping.

These tiny changes every day,
In what we choose to eat,
Will magic excess pounds away,
As long as we don't cheat,
By "forgetting" things we nibble
In such very small amounts:
From that dish upon the table,
Every salted peanut counts.

6 calories each
The numbers on the bathroom scales
Might sometimes fluctuate,
But over time, they're sure to show
A steady loss of weight.

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