Wednesday 15 May 2013

Another true "facts of life" tale

We took both the children to Hardwick.
Young Ella was then not quite three.
We had packed up a wonderful picnic,
Which we ate sitting under a tree.

For a while, she'd been asking us questions,
Which we'd answered - quite "matter of fact".
She had noted her brother's "appendage",
That gadget which all ladies lacked.

She was mulling the issue of gender,
She wanted it clear in her head,
And thus, as we packed up our basket,
Came the moment that parents must dread.

Our tree now was sheltering locals:
It had started to rain and was chilly.
"Are you a man?" she asked one chap,
And then added, "Have you got a willy?"

There was one of those "stunned silence" moments,
When the whole of the world seems to freeze.
I asked, "Does your puppy like apple?"
And I thought, "Get me out of here please!"

(And hello to viewers in Panama!)

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