Sunday 26 May 2013

The Anglo-Saxons, Celts and Vikings - Part Four

...Kintyre was where they landed,
(Though it wasn't called that then),
And the island of Iona
Was given to these men.

It became a major centre
Of religion and of learning:
The monks then travelled further east,
To spread the words all yearning.

The inhabitants of Pictland
Were a very hostile shower,
But were pretty soon persuaded
By these monks' God, and His power.

The ruler of Northumbria,
When exiled as a youth,
Had become a Christian convert
And now longed to spread the truth.

The time he'd spent amongst the Gaels
Led Oswald to request
A mission from Iona,
But it has to be confessed,

The first chap (Bishop Corman),
Went home because he'd failed.
"Northumbrians are stubborn.
It just can't be done," he wailed...

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