Monday 13 May 2013

What can have happened to Tiddles?

Come on in, Maud darling.
Don't stand outside my dear.
I'm sorry I'm distracted,
That I'm really not quite "here".

Last week, our dearest Tiddles
Was lost - we searched all round -
And my hopes have quite diminished
That he'll turn up safe and sound.

I know he made you sneeze a bit,
That kitties aren't your "scene",
But still, I hope you'll understand
How frantic I have been.

He was so cute and playful,
His antics always cheered.
It's hard to think the creature
Has, quite simply, disappeared.

Remember when you last called round?
That wool of yours he chased!
Then wouldn't leave your legs alone,
(Did you get your tights replaced?)

He really seemed to like you -
Such a friendly little chap -
He wouldn't mean to jolt your arm...
Spill coffee in your lap.

Forgive me dear - I ramble on!
I'll take your coat. Come through!
I like your fetching outfit -
That fur collar - is it new?

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