Saturday 18 May 2013

"PolyPants" hide butt cracks

The products made by Polycell
I'd gladly recommend.
As a DIY fanatic
They have long since been my friend.

My favourite is their "One Fill",
A kind of whipped up mousse.
It's not messy, covers great big holes,
Is very easy-use.

The company is soon to launch
A filla spray that's quicker,
And - already on the market -
Is their "hide the bum crack" knicker.

A survey's proved that bottoms,
When displayed, are in bad taste.
So these "PolyPants" will fit you
Most securely round the waist.

Polycell would rid the world
Of all unsightly gaps,
And thus devised these garments,
Both for women and for chaps.

Low slung jeans and trousers
Can reveal those backside nicks.
Now all you will be seeing
Are iconic "done right" ticks.

What refinements could be added
By developmental geeks?
There's a product known as "Damp Seal",
Which can cope with minor leaks...

(Hello to The Maldives!)

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