Thursday 9 May 2013

Women in underwear run through Basel

How to best promote our shop?
A bright idea then flickers:
"Get women running through the streets,
In just their bras and knickers.

The prize will be a voucher
To exchange for trendy clothes,
For which women will do anything,
As everybody knows."

The competition's organized,
The city dash is staged,
Then enter certain feminists
All "PC" and enraged.

"It's primitive. It's sexist,"
Is some local MP's speech.
(Has she never worn bikinis
On a sunny Spanish beach?

Does she lack a sense of humour?
Does she lack a sense of fun?)
We should try it here in Sheffield:
At sixty-two, I'd run!

And Basel should be seeking now
To right "unequal" wrongs,
And hold another contest
For its menfolk, wearing thongs.

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