Wednesday 1 May 2013

Cats in the garden

"Pussy cat, pussy cat,
Where have you been?"
"In other folk's gardens.
You know what I mean?"

I'm grateful to some
For the digging they do:
Where the soil's nice and soft
Is the best place to poo.

A favourite game
Always keeps me enchanted,
And that's to destroy
All the things they've just planted.

Late springtime arrives
With its own special treat.
I love baby birds:
They're delicious to eat.

People try to deter me,
But keep on forgetting
That moggies on missions
Can cope with their netting.

There are gadgets emitting
A highly-pitched squeal.
Imagine, with those,
How unwelcome I feel.

I find tiger wee sprinkled -
Purr-lease spare me that.
I know it's a con

I continue, unfazed,
On my usual route,
Then return to my owners,
Who think I am cute.

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