Friday 10 May 2013

Lady aged 106 finds true love - at last

Our heroine's Edwardian,
From times that now seem weird.
The Great War's yet to happen.
TV's not yet appeared.

We reach the Swinging Sixties
When the Beatles' songs were sung.
Now, by anybody's standards,
The lady's far from young.

She never did get married,
Thought romance she'd never know.
She went into a care home;
Cupid loaded up his bow....

She met a man called Gavin:
He's the love now of her life,
But she clearly isn't planning
To become her sweetheart's wife.

She knows that he adores her,
Will be there through thick and thin,
But has figured that it's better
To simply live in sin.

So to single thirty-somethings,
The advice must be "sit tight":
If you're patient and wait long enough
You'll find your "Mr Right".

(Though, to follow Marj's pattern,
It is only fair to warn:
Look in prams and buggies,
For he's only just been born!)

Marjorie Hemmerde (106) and Gavin Crawford (73) met and fell in love in a Melbourne care home.
(And a welcome to viewers in Bulgaria and Switzerland)

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