Monday 27 May 2013

The Anglo-Saxons, Celts and Vikings - Part Five

St Aidan
...A young monk known as Aidan
Then ventured to insist,
"Be patient and try good news first,
And soon they won't resist."

Lindisfarne bcame his base,
(An island at high tide),
Aidan's very patient tactics
Won folk over to his side.

Though Rome's power had diminished,
It hadn't stopped the Pope
From sending Saint Augustine
To England, in the hope

That, unto the true religion,
The English would assent.
Augustine's task proved easy
With King Aethelburt of Kent.
St Augustine
Beyond, folk proved resistant...
Liked the pagan gods they'd known...

But in time the new faith set down roots
From seeds that had been sown.

Two types of Christianity
Thus existed in the land:
The Celtic one from Ireland
And the Romans' Latin brand.

A synod held in Whitby
The differences debated.
Columba's fans were gutted.
Rome's proponents were elated.

The population's hearts and minds
Weren't quite won over yet.
But just as faith was gaining ground,
There came another threat...

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