Saturday 4 May 2013

The Great Fire of London - Part One (of 4)

Here are facts we ought to learn:
What fires must have, so they can burn.
They use the oxygen in air.
Without it, they just couldn't flare.

Fuel is also what they need:
Things that burn, on which to feed.
Wood, coal, oil - that sort of stuff -
Will burn if it gets hot enough.

Ignition is our final "must"
To make what can be burned combust.

Way back in 1666,
London wasn't built with bricks.
Timber-framed, by mud walls shrouded,
Homes were cramped and over-crowded.

By baking, Tom his living earned,
And certain things he'd long-since learned:
At close of trade he must remember
To damp down every glowing ember,
Extinguish every red hot speck,
But someone clearly didn't check.............

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