Sunday 12 May 2013

The world of Freddie

I've found another "'pider" web.
You'll have to come and see.
I'll prod this rotten apple
That has fallen from the tree.

This soil looks very tempting -
I'll put some in my pocket.
The dishwasher has failed to work.
(It's switched off at the socket).

There's a "t'actor", there's a digger,
There's a "nee-naw" zooming by.
There's a leaf upon the pavement,
There's a plane up in the sky.

There's cat poo in the rockery,
A daisy on the lawn,
                                         There's the cover of a brand new book
                                         Just asking to be torn.

With a handful of baked bean juice,
My hair I will anoint.
They'll try to wipe it off again,
Have sadly missed the point.

And every time I pass it,
My little hands just itch
To push and pull and twiddle
That intriguing dimmer switch.

I experiment with yoghurt,
Which I've tipped out of the dish,
And wonder what would happen
If I fed some to the fish?

I've learnt (because I've tried it)
That I cannot climb a wall.
But the stairs would be so easy
If they'd let me in the hall.

The world is all excitment,
Mysterious and new.
I need to check out everything,
Because I'm only two.

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M x


  1. Well Isobel and I are almost w.....g ourselves with laughter at this. How very true for a two year old. Well done Maggie.

    1. Many thanks Pam. And the dishwasher is staying switched off! M xx