Saturday 4 May 2013

WI in fancy dress gaffe

(Just seen the news item on this)

Despite the cheeky calendar,
The Women's Institute
Isn't noted for frivolity
But, rather, bottled fruit.

They'd booked a noted speaker,
On "Piracy" the talk.
They expected tales of Bluebeard...
Of planks that men must walk...

Of robbing Spanish treasure ships...
Of fights with sword and gun,
Then someone thought of dressing up:
It sounded like good fun.

With parrots on their shoulders,
With patches on their eyes
And, wearing skull and crossbones hats,
They turned up in disguise.

But it isn't Captain Hook and co
On which their guest now speaks:
He'd been captured by Somalians
And held for several weeks.

He talks of his experience,
His worries and his fear,
And the ladies know the costumes
Hadn't been a good idea.

They apologized profusely
For their somewhat tactless blunder.
Will their research in the future
Be improved, one may well wonder?

(The all-time very favourite joke
Of younger daughter Star,
Is "Why are pirates, pirates?
The response, "Because they "Arrrgh"!")

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