Friday 3 May 2013

Where are you Russia and Romania?

Southern Ireland has joined us,
And Canada too.
So folk in those countries,
A welcome to you.

Since I found those great stats
I have learned quite a lot,
And I now know from where
People visit this spot.

But how it all works
Is not easy to figure:
The numbers from Russia
Got bigger and bigger..

Then suddenly no one
From there came to view:
There's been no single visit
This past week or two.

But Romania's stats
Then began to improve.
Did a tribe with computers
Decide they would move?

As fast as they featured,
Now they too have gone,
And this week I am reading,
"Romania - none!"

Or was it one person
Who viewed many times?
Who whiled idle hours away
Reading these rhymes?

On a handful from China
Could always rely.
And from there, all the figures
Are suddenly high.

Such things are all relative
Please don't forget.
Though the audience grows,
We are not viral - yet!

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