Friday 24 May 2013

The Anglo-Saxons, Celts and Vikings - Part Three

St Patrick
(An excursion to Ireland)

The country known as Ireland
Had been well beyond Rome's reach.
From Cornwall, Patrick went there
With a message he must teach.

Though the Irish were unruly,
Though they viewed him with suspicion,
He - in teaching Christianity -
Succeeded in his mission.

So Patrick (Ireland's patron saint)
Now steady progress makes
And, to boot, it's also rumoured
That he rid the land of snakes.

From very small beginnings
St Columba
A monastic movement spread,
And the Irish, far from primitive,
Were cultured now instead.

Some monks, one named Columba,
Across the sea did roam,
To where Irish Gaels and Scoti*
Had already made their home...

(*Scotland got its name from an Irish tribe)

Benvenuta Italia!

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