Tuesday 28 May 2013

The Anglo-Saxons...and Alfred the Great - Part Seven

... A noble King of Wessex,
A warrior with brains,
Was especially successful,
In warding off the Danes.

He fought battles...built defences...
All in all was very thorough.
(His fortresses were known as "burths",
From which comes our word "borough").

This king was known as Alfred,
His epithet "The Great".
His abilities went far beyond
Protection of the state.

He published and enforced new laws,
Which helped the population;
Was inventor...scholar...architect,
And keen on education.

But not for such important stuff
His place in history's earned:
He's equally remembered
For the baking that he burned.

It's said he once took refuge
With a peasant. She said, "Now,
Please watch what's in the oven,
As I'm off to milk the cow."

She clearly hadn't recognized
Her sovereign lord and master
Who, preoccupied, for got his task,
The cakes were a disaster.

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