Wednesday 27 March 2013

The Wars of the Roses - Part Four

Edward IV 1461-1470 and 1471-1483
Then Edward and his entourage
Fell out with one another,
So Warwick turned to Clarence,
Who was Edward's younger brother.

But Clarence was unpopular,
So never did get crowned:
By tradition in a butt of wine
Would later on be drowned.

This scheme to oust his former friend,
Thus quickly came to nought.
The Earl then rescued Henry,
Whom he offered to support.

Her family had not fared well,
So Margaret was elated.
Her young son's hopes looked brighter
Now his Dad was reinstated.

Duke of Clarence
Once more, dynastic struggle
Was the order of the day.
The advantage went to one lot,
Then things swung the other way.

The two sides clashed at Barnet,
Where the Earl of Warwick perished,
Soon Margaret's hopes had disappeared,
Along with those she cherished.

At Tewksbury, her son was killed.
The queen was quite bereft.
The king was later murdered:
No clear red rose heirs were left.

Her cousin was the King of France,
(Her homeland was that nation),
He paid for her release, and she
Lived on, a poor relation.
Battle of Tewksbury

Peace returned to England,
With King Edward now secure,
But he died quite unexpectedly
And trouble brewed once more.....

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