Tuesday 26 March 2013

The Wars of the Roses - Part Three

Margaret of Anjou
The House of York, the cousins,
In thus family's affairs,
Had never quite forgotten that
The crown, by rights, was theirs.

The king, though ineffectual,
Still managed to survive.
There wasn't open battle
Until 1455.

Henry was now married,
To one Margaret of Anjou.
It was she who wore the trousers,
As she must, to see them through.

The power of York was rising:
Some Lancastrians were killed.
She rallied the survivors:
Proved determined and strong-willed.

The Earl of Warwick - The Kingmaker
The pendulum of conflict,
Was swinging back and forth.
Some major Yorkist players
Were to perish in the North....

Henry, who'd been captured,
Was eventually freed.
But his kin then failed in London,
And retreated with some speed.

Enter Earl of Warwick,
(As "the Kingmaker" now known),
Backing new King Edward
Who, for York, had claimed the throne.....

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