Monday, 28 October 2013

The Duchess of Cambridge's hats

Welcome to our new viewers in Cambodia. Your impressive flag has happily settled itself somewhere in the middle of "Hello World".

I truly have missed my vocation.
Writing verses is not where it's at.
I should've embarked on another career,
Designing the ultimate hat.

I've studied the Duchess of Cambridge:
The photos all seemingly show
Stunning headgear is easy to fashion:
All you need is a large piece of dough -

Of the kind that is used to make pizza,
Leave it egg shaped, then put it together
By adding a frill or a wisp at the back
Made of net, or some wire, or a feather.

The format is not rocket science
And seems like a bit of a doddle,
There's now just one hitch with my venture -
I need someone famous to model.

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