Wednesday 30 October 2013

"Pride and Prejudice" unresolved

It's the template
For every romance ever written.
Our pair start as foes,
Then admit they're both smitten.

Elizabeth Bennet
Is forthright and plucky,
But in finding true love,
She has not been that lucky.

Mr Darcy is dashing,
Is rich and aloof,
And seems to have made himself
Gold-digger proof.

There are misunderstandings.
They spar and they fight,
Then all is explained 
And their future looks bright.

This book is a masterpiece:
Just has one blot
That mars very slightly
Its wonderful plot.

Fitzwilliam's his name -
Too long, must be said,
So what does she call him,
When tucked up in bed?

Does she shorten it somehow,
To Fitz or to Willie?
Or worse, find a nickname
That's cute, naff or silly?

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