Tuesday 22 October 2013

The Royal Christening

Welcome to new viewers in Oman, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, Thailand and Kuwait. Your flags have been added to "Hello World".

When a baby's newborn
He can look very wizened.
At three months, however,
He's fit to be christened.

To the world he's presented
And now can be seen.
He resembles a child,
Not some dried up old bean.

At last he has reached
An appropriate age,
When - looking half-human -
He takes centre stage.

He'll be dressed in a gown
Which is frilly, not dashing,
To face lots of cameras
All clicking and flashing.

Will he cry like his Dad did,
And screw up his face?
It cannot be comfy
All shrouded in lace.

Who'll be the godparents?
A fact that's concealed.
They have posh names (with hyphens),
And all be well-heeled.

The wedding cake had
An enormous top tier,
For just this occasion
Designed to appear.

George won't understand
What the fuss is about,
But, like it or not,
His whole future's mapped out.

Let's hope he has scope
And can do his own thing.
Even though this small baby
Was born to be king.

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