Sunday 8 September 2013

Trying to leave The AA

The car my husband used to drive
Was getting rather old.
We didn't need two vehicles,
So his was duly sold.

He had an "AA"* membership,
And this had once been fine.
But now it was not wanted,
So he rang up to resign.

They said they'd send a letter,
To confirm that all was ended.
But this arrived and told him
That he'd asked to be "suspended".

They'd kept his payment details,
There's nothing he'd need do:
The system would, in three years' time,
His membership renew.

He hadn't really left at all,
He still belonged, and so
Beware, once you have joined them:
They are loathe to let you go.

You may no longer own a car,
But that seems incidental.
Or perhaps they'll send assistance
If your roadside breakdown's mental?

*Automobile Association

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